Hellmouth Chronicles #127 - What she really wants

What she really wants

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Jhn Jhn said:

Nick's explanation about the ritual interruption was shortened in comic due to lack of space. Here's the analogy coming with it:
"The ritual embraces the whole power of the original spell to break it properly, without leaving raw magic power in the wild. It's like building demolition, when they put explosives in very specific places so the tower collapses on itself and not onto other buildings.
If he crashes the ritual, it's like he detonates the bombs after having equip only the west pillars. The energy will backlash on hmi and all around. It was specified in notes on Giles' sheet."

If someone is curious enough to search Mark's puzzle, here it is (keep in mind we're in the Buffyverse):

In an envelope, a torn parchment-like paper can be re-assembled to read this text :

Maenad's the name they gave to me,
for they feared my madness and horrid fury.
Always with my sisters, thirsty of blood,
tearing apart so much young flesh and shutting down countless souls.
History branded us with villainy: no nuances, no mercy for the maenads.
Everybody has forgotten the how, the birth, the reason why.
Rage isn't created out of nowhere. We only do what broke us.

(For this puzzle, please consider the y only as a consonant)

7th May 2019, 8:00 PM


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yo go re

yo go re yo go re

Oh, I get it! But I'm not sure whose [puzzle answer] it means. Mark? Nick? Giles? Buffy? Amy?

(Don't say, I don't want to ruin it for anyone who's reading later. And maybe the answer is in a future strip anyway...)

5th Jan 2020, 11:33 AM

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